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InnovaGoods Manual Dental Irrigator

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When it comes to improving your dental hygiene, your best friend is InnovaGoods Wellness Care manual dental irrigator! If you want to obtain better cleanliness after brushing, you'll get it with this water flosser. What's more, it's really easy to use, you only have to press the button to shoot out the jet of water or mouthwash, obtaining a lovely sensation of freshness. A simple method to remove bacteria more effectively from the teeth, gums and difficult to reach places. 

  • Made of polypropylene 
  • Max. capacity: approx. 35ml
  • Approx. diameter and height: 3 x 21.5 cm
  • Packaging and manual in 24 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian, Latvian).