About Us


We created epacktime to provide the world a new online shopping experience. Epacktime aim to build it's own brand in which people can find huge diversity of products in a single place. While many people travel abroad to acquire specific and unique products from a particular store, we make it possible for you to do so through epacktime.

What we provide

In our store you can find huge variety of fitness and sport items, while at the same time you can enjoy products from the Europe's leading brand in the manufacture of innovative and trending products, called InnovaGoods.

InnovaGoods was born thanks to an ambitious project whose primary objective was to offer an ample and complete variety of products in order to improve and ease the lives of their users. Providing a range of products and continuing to expand its horizons: household goods, gadget, sport, wellness, beauty products, etc. InnovaGoods has succeeded like no other in combining an innovative and modern design with practical and effective functionalities to achieve the perfect balance. Therefore, it has rapidly become a market leader.

Our goals and ambitions

Our vision is to build a vibrant and healthy shopping community where everyone can enjoy and spend time in it. Epacktime mission, is to make it easy and convenient for everyone to get high-quality products combined with fast shipping services at a reasonable cost.

We guarantee to provide you with the best possible service and experience, anytime and anywhere.

Feel free to contact us anytime using our Contact Us page.